Case Study: Dolmio in-store Point Of Sale
27 May 2011

Deliver 80 printed 2 tier displays in less than  72 hours!


The brief was delivered at 3pm on Friday with delivery required by 12pm the following Monday.

Craftech accessed its library of dump bin designs and provided visual for client approval. The dump bins were cut and creased from B Flute held at Craftechs warehouse. Decals were printed to brand the units. Instructions were also produced for easy assembly of the unit.

After a weekend of hard work the units were individually kitted and delivered to Mars Foods sales office by 12pm. Mars were able to distribute the units on time to merchandisers and achieve on-time execution of the Dolmio campaign.

Dolmio dump bin in retail concept visual.



“Thank you so much for your massive effort and working all weekend to make these happen."